Hardy or not?

There are so many different types and varieties of hebe, even we don’t know them all – and we certainly can’t tell you how good they are. So we’ll stick to our gang, who we know inside out: yes, they’re hardy.

A word of warning though: like all plants, their roots should not be allowed to freeze. When there is a heavy frost, ice crystals burst the ultra-fine capillaries in the roots, causing irreparable damage to the system that provides the plant with nutrients. Even the Antarctic pearlwort would struggle to survive in a pot on your balcony if the temperature fell to –15 °C for several nights in a row and it was blasted by an icy wind – and it’s renowned for being the toughest plant under the sun. If possible, bring your planters inside if it gets really cold. A balcony box looks great in the middle of a dining table – especially if it’s planted with Greenboys®.

If you’ve planted your Greenboys® out in a flower bed, you can stay curled up in front of the fire because the frost can’t get at the sensitive roots so easily.

Always the right choice

Our Greenboys® range consists of twelve varieties that complement one another beautifully. You can combine them however you like to create a stunning planting scheme. Our hand-selected plants guarantee evergreen results – even if you’re not green-fingered.

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Team players!

Greenboys® are small-leaved, compact-growing, extremely easy-care hebe plants. They’re incredibly robust, making them highly resistant to disease. They may not make many demands but they do a demanding job, offsetting your most stunning flowering plants. That is what makes these classic background plants real team players.

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From S to XXL

From tiny to huge; four pot and plant sizes give you plenty of scope for creative design ideas. For gorgeous gardens, balconies or even windowsills.

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Need for green?

You can buy Greenboys® at many garden centres and florists.