Other plants come and go. Greenboys are always there.

Combine our robust Greenboys® with your favourite flowers to create the perfect planting scheme for your borders and pots. Inside or out, they’ll always stay green.

Greenboys® can be planted at any time of year. They complement the first early-flowering plants in spring just as well as the bedding or balcony plants which follow – not to mention summer-flowering shrubs or autumn colour.

There is no need to dig up Greenboys® over winter because they are totally hardy and keep their attractive leaves during the cold weather. Plants which outgrow their pots over time can be planted out in borders without any problems. If you do this, please make sure you don’t damage the roots.

Care instructions

Sunny to semi-shade.
Suitable for all soil types except permanently waterlogged areas.
Planting instructions
Please plant so that the top of the root ball is level with the surface, press down the soil and water in well immediately.
As a rule of thumb, the diameter of the plant determines spacing. If you want denser results faster, you can position the plants closer together.
Please keep the soil moist at all times. All varieties will cope well with soil that is too wet or too dry for a short period of time. Do not let the plants become waterlogged.
Greenboys® can be cut back at any time of year, but this is not essential. Tip: Don’t cut too far into old wood – it is better to cut back little and often. If you have a flowering variety, wait until it has finished flowering and do not cut off the buds.
Please feed regularly or use a natural (base dressing) fertiliser such as hoof and horn meal. Greenboys® get hungry – feed them generously!

Always the right choice

Our Greenboys® range consists of twelve varieties that complement one another beautifully. You can combine them however you like to create a stunning planting scheme. Our hand-selected plants guarantee evergreen results – even if you’re not green-fingered.

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Team players!

Greenboys® are small-leaved, compact-growing, extremely easy-care hebe plants. They’re incredibly robust, making them highly resistant to disease. They may not make many demands but they do a demanding job, offsetting your most stunning flowering plants. That is what makes these classic background plants real team players.

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From S to XXL

From tiny to huge; four pot and plant sizes give you plenty of scope for creative design ideas. For gorgeous gardens, balconies or even windowsills.

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Need for green?

You can buy Greenboys® at many garden centres and florists.